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CARPET WASH 20 € BY HAND   !!!!!  *

(* Per m², for woven rugs)


Each rug is a unique work of art that took a lot of work to design and create.

Over time, your rugs can suffer from soiling, stains, damage from pets or moths, as well as bad odors.


Our washing, maintenance and cleaning processes are designed to respect the value of the carpet by bringing back its original beauty and its radiance of colors:

  •   Pre-wash treatment for existing stains, blemishes and / or damage
  • Washing process that begins with the use of organic shampoo, brushes and paddles to remove most types of dirt or grime from the carpet
  • Wash the surface (front) of the carpet at least three times and rinse until the water comes out clear each time. Then wash the back of the rug three times and rinse until the water comes out clear with each wash, for a minimum total of six times washing the front and back of the rug.
  • Deodorization in a bacterial enzyme bath to remove unpleasant odors from animal urine, smoke residue or other sources
  • Dry in a flat area
  • No machine is involved in the washing process in order to preserve your carpet
  • Grooming to place the pile in its original direction, straighten the fringe and final vacuum to remove any small debris remaining in the carpet (if any)

Carpets should be cleaned at least every 3 to 5 years.

If you have a carpet to wash and rejuvenate, you can trust the experts at Caplot Auction House. Simply call 06-10-27-73-36 to schedule the pickup, or bring it to 21 bis, avenue de Ségur, 75007 Paris, and let us take care of your beautiful carpet.

Also discover our page on moths, a scourge for your carpet!

 Salle de Vente Caplot, Magasin de Tapis persans, nettoyage et réparation

 21 bis av de segur, 75007 Paris


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